About me

Do you want to know the first-ever lesson I was taught at journalism school? People LOVE to talk about themselves. I use that all the time; if you’re a nervous small-talker, try it, it works.

Of course, I’m no exception, but rather than bore you with my entire life story, I’ve written the speed-date version… Here’s what I’d hope you’d suss about me, if we only had five minutes on the clock:

  1. I’m always thinking about balance and perspective.
    Professionally, that means that the best job in the world would offer me zero comfort if I thought I was a nightmare to work with, if I hated coming into the office every day, or if it came at the expense of everything else I consider important. It means working really hard, but learning to recognise when it’s time to call it a night. And believing that a good career is not just about the job you wouldn’t quit if you won the lottery, but the tea-round full of people who’ll never let you stay too serious for too long.
  2. I really do love my job – creating branded video content for digital and social platforms. And, of course, writing.
  3. I’m otherwise most likely to be found: running/gymming/swimming/dancing, hanging out with friends, brunching, browsing, writing lists, visiting the Sticks, quite happily doing nothing in particular, and writing at 2am.

This site began many years ago as the blog of a teenage journalism student; it is now a portfolio of my video work, written features, and self-teaching, but if you scroll back far enough you’ll probably find some right laughs


I love collaborations, so if you’ve got something you’re working on that you think I’m a fit for, get in touch to tell me more. You can also contact me about freelance rates if you’re looking to commission a video producer, editor, presenter, or writer.

Drop me a mail at vikkihuttonmedia@gmail.com
You can also find me on Twitter as @Vikki_Hutton and on Instagram as @instavix

I’m based in London, with regular visits to my roots in Somerset.

Copyright: All written content, images within blog posts/under ‘photos’, and non-branded videos are my original work unless stated otherwise. I ask you (nicely) not to use these without my consent; and to fairly credit me. All Mumsnet video content and the relating images are owned by Mumsnet; any enquiries there can be directed to press@mumsnet.com

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