Sponsored video content

A lot of what I do at Mumsnet involves teaming up with other top name brands on sponsored projects – in fact, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. I really enjoy developing ideas with clients and delivering a video campaign that works for both brands.

Below is a quick overview of the variety of projects: from larger-scale productions to one-offs, series, and user generated content.

Case study: Lidl UK.

We initially worked with Lidl on a series of blogger-fronted haul videos, challenging three families to save money on their weekly shops (and share what they made during the week). They got a great reaction, and as a result we collaborated on a much larger scale – the biggest production I’ve managed to date – producing a four-part Christmas cookery series featuring Michelin starred chef, Kevin Love, and Mumsnet blogger Heledd.

Update: Following the success of the Christmas collaboration, we’re now underway with the next four-part series – launching Spring 2016.

Sponsored series & one-offs

We commonly produce videos to compliment a wider digital campaign – we’ll pick a format that fits the aims and the budget, and develop an idea that can be knitted neatly together with the other content, for a bigger impact overall. That might mean a one-off recipe or How To that heroes a particular range or product, or a scaled-up series that builds and expands on a few key messages. Clients here include Tesco, Homebase, Unilever, Sony, Bassetts and Penguin Random House.

Why video? Well, I wouldn’t ignore the justification that everyone’s doing it. Brands (perhaps especially those without in-house production teams) understandably want in; they know that videos increase a site page’s dwell-time, dominate Facebook’s newsfeed, share easily, rank highly and travel fast, and they often bring with them a heap of enthusiasm about current styles and trends.

Product reviews & user generated content examples

User generated content is still really popular with a lot of clients. There’s no doubt that professionally-shot footage massively ups production values – it makes a world of difference to have trained hands managing lighting, sound, framing and direction – but there is still a place for footage that’s a little… rough around the edges. It’s real, unpolished and sits well for formats like reviews, vlogs, product tests, and some of the all time greats of viral home videos.

Our role here is to develop the idea, construct a brief and find the right contributors, then edit their footage into a slicker, branded package. Clients include Alton Towers Resort, Butlins, Milele, Karcher, Disney & Unilever.